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Investment philosophy
FA CAPITAL aims to establish itself as a successful player in the mid-sized LBO market by:
  • Investing in the range of EUR 25 mln - EUR 50 mln
  • Acquiring controlling/majority stakes
  • Playing a "change catalyst" role.
FA CAPITAL intends to invest in companies showing:

1) International development:
  • Italian companies aiming at entering new geographical markets;
  • Italian companies, already having an international presence, that intend to increase their market share abroad or that plan to enter new geographical areas.
12 out of 25 investments fall in this cluster.

2) high-growth segments
  • organic growth in the existing business lines;
  • consolidation in highly-fragmented markets, through acquisitions;
  • growth through adoption of new commercial/production models
9 out of 25 investments fall in this cluster.

3) Repositioning the business model:
  • Refocusing on core activities;
  • Increasing operational efficiencies;
  • Improving profitability through the reorganisation of the business model. brazilian human hair bundles

4 out of 25 investments fall in this cluster.