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Value creation
The successful performance of our realised investments is based on 5 core competencies:

1) Access to a business network instrumental in the generation of a high-quality deal flow
FA CAPITAL partners have a long-standing and diversified experience: their business contacts allow them to constantly monitor and timely access the investment opportunities on the Italian market.

2) Focus on superior professionals skills (managers and / or entrepreneurs)
FA CAPITAL strives to identify highly motivated managers and/or entrepreneurs, showing a solid and successful experience combined with a deep knowledge of the sector they work in and high ethics standards. This is a fundamental condition for each investment: in order to overperform also in sectors that may seem less attractive, management must have a track record showing the ability to obtain or consolidate the competitive advantage of the company they are managing.

3) Rigourous due diligence and deal structuring standards
Our due diligence process deeply investigates on investment targets, taking into account several aspects (business, accounting, financial, insurance, environmental). Contract framework is deemed to be a key feature and opportunities with poor sale&purchase agreements are not pursued.

4) Active portfolio management
FA CAPITAL partners keep an open communication with the invested company's management in order to share strategic decision-making (e.g. strategic plans), to monitor operational decisions (e.g. 100 days action plan) and to supply new ideas and contacts (e.g. best practices), deriving from the experience gained in other investee companies. This ongoing participation in the company's life contribute to improve the company performance.

5) Focus on the divestment strategy
Since the very beginning, a clear divestment strategy is devised, also through the insertion of ad hoc provisions in the sale and purchase agreements. brazilian human hair bundles