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Finder Pompe, originally established as Pompe Vergani, has gone through substantial changes in its over fifty years' life. In fact, from a small company operating in the heating and conditioning field, Finder Pompe has become one of the most interesting and dynamic companies onto the Italian market, by developing new products and by merging and integrating other companies (FBM Industrie, Pompe Valisi and Centra Vacuum Technology).

Finder is a precious partner for all those companies that require, for their existing plants or for the development of new ones, heterogeneous solutions and systems with a high technological level and "tailor -made" products based on the real application.

The product offering includes centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating pumps (including pumps compliant with the API standards), vacuum pumps, reciprocating and charging pumps for application in the Oil & Gas industry and power generation plants, water pumps for general industrial applications and for the HVAC market, and horizontal split case pumps for the large water supply systems and for all plants requiring large quantities of water (steel mills, mines, power generation plants). Finder also produces volumetric pumps, filtration systems and mixers and dosing systems. brazilian hair weave uk

The factory in Merate is the main productive facility and the technological center of the group.